Why not offer something different to your clientele? Darren is an experienced restaurant magician and can work with your staff to ensure that every one of your customers has a memorable time at your restaurant.

♣ A strolling magician like Darren Snelgar can entertain your guests at their tables, or when they’re waiting to be seated.

♣ Fill in some time if an order goes wrong – Guests will not notice how long they have been waiting for their food.

♣ Around the bar when guests are waiting to be seated – Darren can perform his magic without a table, so it’s perfect for those occasions when people are standing and waiting for something.

♣ At the table between taking the order and the food – Magic can be performed from table to table so every customer gets to have their own private show.

♣ During a special occasion – Large bookings, birthday parties, and venue launch parties – you don’t have to have a magician every night, however why not make that special occasion even more memorable.

Current Restaurants Darren Performs For.

Kutis of Wickham

Sakura in Winchester

Red Lounge, Cowplain & Drayton Portsmouth


Previous Restaurants

Holiday inn restaurants
Hilton restaurants
Kams Palace Chinese in park Gate
TGI Fridays Southampton
Naz Indian Restaurant Fareham
Sprinkles Bournemouth
Krispy Kreame in port Solent